About Us

NP Consulting MFO is an independent MFO that offers families fully bespoke and confidential wealth management services, financial or otherwise.
We assist Families in the management, organisation and preservation of their assets, in a manner that befits their roots as well as individual, personal traits.

Our service is comparable to that of a private SFO, with the benefits of a MFO capable of learning and adapting to the particularities of each family, catering for all your needs regarding investment but also other general concerns.
The challenges involved in family Wealth Management should never be underestimated. Wealthy families often possess a number of businesses, financial investments and real estate assets that must be protected with independence, clarity and objectivity. This is one of NP Consulting’s chief objectives: establishing honest, trustworthy and reliable partnerships for the clarification and resolution of your affairs.
Our mission is to provide integrated financial and non-financial services that go beyond traditional asset management.
Building on the experience of its founders, who are performing in this field for over 15 years, NP Consulting MFO helps families put in place a clear strategy for managing their assets based on a comprehensive and long-term approach.
In addition to our own multidisciplinary team, we draw on a pool of carefully selected external experts from many different areas to make sure all aspects are covered when addressing each family’s specific needs.

Typical NP Consulting MFO clients have a net worth of at least $5 million.

Our Philosophy

We are aware that all the value generated by family businesses, whether as a result from financial assets, companies, art,… is an important part of a legacy, and must therefore be proudly and painstakingly managed by the family in order to preserve it. Many families create their own public image, brand and identity, which they seek to preserve and pass along to future generations.

By choosing NP Consulting MFO as their ally in the management and preservation of their estate, families are making a choice for absolute confidentiality and the safeguard of their most treasured assets. This allows NP Consulting MFO to work on the true family identity, building a trustful and long-lasting partnership.

Our philosophy is based on an integrated planning of each family’s estate, be it financial or non-financial, establishing a holistic perspective of all assets and liabilities, family businesses, investment properties, holiday homes, philanthropic funds, etc.

Why Us?

  • For NP Consulting MFO every Family is unique and special;

  • We believe a Family’s identity is its main pillar and therefore it must be preserved, nurtured and prised by all the partners;

  • We encourage families to play an active role in all decision-making;

  • Our network includes specialists covering a wide range of areas of expertise, which enables us to effectively cater for all your needs within our scope of action;

  • Trust and confidentiality are our core values. Our work is guided by these values which we endeavour to uphold.

Understanding the Family

Open and continuous dialogue is key to the success of any relationship. At NP Consulting MFO, we also believe this to be the case. We have in-depth conversations with the family before laying out a strategy, because we find it crucial to understand their background as well as their values, expectations and objectives.

In this way, we are able to gain a thorough understanding not only of the family’s financial and non-financial situation but also of their long-term aspirations. This will give the family an opportunity to understand our work philosophy and what can be expected from us.

This proximity will help, on the one hand, to keep us up to date and anticipate emerging needs, and on the other, to make our relationship stronger, longer lasting and more reliable.