All families have their own brand, their own dynamics, their unique, distinct and special character. Many of these families wish to pass on this legacy, cherished by all patriarchs and matriarchs that came before them, to future generations.

NP Consulting MFO privileges all families and encourages this belief in their own values and the preservation of their distinct identities. This is how true moral empires – so often the cornerstone of successful business ventures – are built.

Working alongside the families and their business partners, NP Consulting MFO and its own consultants and partners will do their best to unlock all the existing potential (both financial and non-financial), so that the legacy stands the test of time to be regarded by future generations as a source of pride, something to be valued and well worth fighting for.

Do you know the general health of your family assets?

In order to make sound and objective decisions, the family needs a summarised, well-tailored analysis of its financial and non-financial assets.

Is your portfolio in line with your objectives?

Establishing clear-cut objectives is paramount to an objective-led investment approach. This is a dynamic and continuous process based on the assessment of objectives and the definition of custom tailored investment strategies in line with each objective.

When to know if you need a Family Office?

When families have a large portfolio of assets and a large amount of wealth ant want to preserve, protect and grow this wealth, is worth to invest on someone who has enough expertise to do this work and manage with the families.

You know that  you’ll need a MFO when the familiy achieves a certaint structure that needs to be taking care by someone who cares of all members of your Family and next generation.